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Workshop on Effective Research Communication

As a researcher you need the skills to communicate clearly and to the point in a lot of situations: When interacting with other scientists or collaborators with a different background; when writing applications, when giving interviews to journalists.

In this Workshop on Effective Research Communication you practice how to communicate your own work to any relevant target group. You learn from journalism how to prepare your communication to perform with excellence when giving oral presentations, writing for a broad audience, posting on social media, or collaborating with the media. If you want to gain impact this is what you need.

The workshop has been approved for ECTS-points at six Danish universities. The workshop has gained top ratings from researchers at Copenhagen Business School, Aalborg University, University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, IT University of Copenhagen, and Region Zealand.

Further info and booking - also if you need a tailor-made workshop:

Journalist Marianne Bom,  +45 262 82341,

Target group

Specialists in the private and public sector, PhD-students, postdocs,

senior scientists, professors.


The course is a 1 or 2-days workshop building on the principles of ‘learning by doing’. You are invited to participate actively in a comfortable learning environment, where you and the fellow participants discuss, cooperate and inspire each other. The workshop is dynamic, demanding and entertaining: Brief theoretical and practical instructions by the lecturers are followed by individual work or group work on issues like:

• How to get your message through to your audience

• How to do a successful oral presentation or a video presentation

• How to translate a specialist's language into a language understood by the general public

• How to work with the press

• How to plan your strategic communication, become noticed, and gain impact


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